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Share Jesus

Where do we meet people in our everyday?

Sharing our faith in words and actions needs to take place where people are. Most of Jesus’ and Paul’s conversations with people were not in the synagogue, but everyday places: hillsides, town squares, fishing boats and homes. Where are our everyday places of connection?

Homes, schools, offices, shops, parks, gyms - what can you add to the list from your everyday?

Sharing is not talking at people about Jesus, shouting on a street corner. Sharing is about intentionality; deciding to bring faith into everyday conversations; going where people are; being alert to opportunities and confident enough to take them when they come.

When someone asks, ‘What did you do at the weekend?’ Could you mention church?
When someone grumbles about the news, can you talk about what gives you hope?
When someone asks how you got through a difficult time, can you share how faith helped you?
Often a story in the news, film or article in a magazine or on social media might be a ‘way in’. 

You might want to buy Hope for All magazine and find a story a friend would be interested in. 

A lot of our magazine content can be found on our Hope For All website which includes stories, videos, resources and giveaways which might help you as you share Jesus with others.

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Reimagining what neighbourhood mission looks, by encouraging Christians to pray for their streets, connect with their neighbours in the everyday and share Jesus where they live.