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The pandemic has affected every community: schools, hospitals, neighbours, churches, friends and families. In 2021 we invited people to turn their daily walk into a prayer walk, to pray for our local communities in everyday ways, every day. The vision was and is, that together we reach every street, every road, every lane in the UK in prayer. We called this Prayerwalk 21 and launched the OIKOS prayer app (link) to resource this. 

2021 has been and gone but Covid is still around and so is the vision for every street, road, lane and home in the UK to be prayed for. In 2022 we want to encourage people to ‘Just Pray’.  To reach every street, road and lane prayer has to become a daily habit, part of our everyday.  We’re asking people to commit to praying for two minutes daily and 20 minutes monthly.

Pray for two minutes linked to your daily routine e.g. when you have a drink
Pray for 20 minutes once a month in a group or with friends when sharing food together.
On 22nd of each month we pray together online for 20 minutes - join us on Facebook here.


We’d love to hear your prayer walking stories. Here’s how to share them with us.

Aim for your film to be less than a minute.
Invite people to join in and prayer walk their local area
Post on social media and tag using #prayerwalk21 and @HOPETogether @Hope4EveryHome
Or E mail your video to us at

It is legal to film in any public place but please be sensitive to people and buildings around you. Try to film without people in view. Don’t get the full names of sensitive places such as schools, prisons, military sites. If people or names are visible get permission.




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Reimagining what neighbourhood mission looks, by encouraging Christians to pray for their streets, connect with their neighbours in the everyday and share Jesus where they live.